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'We don't eat puppies'



Brecheen justifies his objections to the anti-puppy mill bill by writing in the Jan. 11 edition of the Durant Daily Democrat: “Imagine if your cattle, swine, horses or poultry were being subjected to similar invasive inspections under guidelines established by bureaucrats who think meat comes from a plastic wrapped Styrofoam tray. We wouldn’t be too thrilled, yet the Commercial Pet Breeders Act sets the stage for exactly that kind of legislative transition,” (Clifton Adcock, “Pawing at profits,” Feb. 23, Gazette).

Now, I’m sure Sen. Brecheen is a rough, tough, rootin’-tootin’, mountain man from Coal County, but would someone please tell him that we don’t eat puppies. And as for the horses, we aren’t French.

—Brian Crain

Oklahoma City

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