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We laughed, we cried, it was better than 'Cats'!



Credit: Brad Gregg

“A winner.” “Inspired.” “Thrilling.”

“Masterful.” “Stunning.” You get the idea. For more rapturous adjectives, talk to Wayne Coyne’s publicist.

Even online snark master Perez Hilton was excited, pointing out that “this show is expensive!!!!!!!” That’s seven exclamation points, or three more than Coyne used in his grenade-apology tweet.

Based on the acclaimed Flaming Lips album of the same name, the musical is getting some major love. With puppets, robots, martial arts and dance choreography, video projections, an orchestra, futuristic sets, elaborate costuming and special effects, the show appears to be even more spectacular than a Lips show.

You would have been disappointed if you attended hoping for some Spider- Man-on-Broadway-type farcical mishaps or injuries. Even with all the intricate technology involved, Yoshimi has been running with hitch-free precision.

why would you have such mean-spirited hopes, anyway? Do you think it
would be funny to watch a singing, karate-chopping chorus fall into the
orchestra pit? Or for a 17-foot-tall robot puppet to get tangled in some
wires and collapse on the audience?

All right, that would be
pretty funny. Seriously, CFN is delighted that OKC’s favorite whimsical
geniuses are seeing their success translate to stage. Especially after
not-so-stellar reception for the Lips’ film Christmas on Mars (which, by the way, we still maintain is the Citizen Kane of Martian Santa Claus messiah movies).

The only detractor was San Diego City Beat, which wrote that Yoshimi’s love story lacks “passion and cohesiveness.”

But you can’t trust weekly newspaper critics. They’re always such jaded jerks.

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It’s the end of the Zoo Amp as we know it, and Oklahoma City’s own The Flaming Lips will send it out in style. And blood.

Enter stage Lips

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