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We Own the Night



Reviewer's grade: C


Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix are Joseph and Bobby, the Grusinsky brothers. Joseph, a married family man, is a freshly made captain at the NYPD, which impresses their police chief father, played by Robert Duvall. Bobby, who doesn't take the family's last name for professional reasons, is a nightclub promoter and drug user who has the audacity to shame his pop by sleeping with a Puerto Rican (Eva Mendez).


Bobby's club has become drug central, and his brother and dad warn him about a raid and ask him to spill the beans on illicit activity. But it's not until after a big bust at the club that Bobby sides with his blood, and helps the fuzz track down a ruthless drug dealer who has vowed revenge on the cops, with Daddy and Joseph being the first in the crosshairs.


"We Own the Night" has the same script depth as a "Colombo" episode, and writer/director James Gray doesn't do much to push Wahlberg, Phoenix or Duvall, who play the same roles or character types in much better movies. R


"?Joe Wertz 




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