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Wealthy are 'easy targets'



Kurt Hochenauer would have us believe the economic impact of the last two years has only affected the poor and middle class, hence his support of taxing the state's wealthiest citizens (Commentary, "Counterpoint: Reactive response," Dec. 9, 2009, Oklahoma Gazette). In fact, it has affected everyone. The state's wealthiest have been the ones who have helped keep the economic crisis from worsening by being able to spend and purchase and fill the tax coffers. And not just spending where sales taxation occurs.

In his book, "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism," Arthur C. Brooks finds that religious conservatives are far more charitable than secular liberals, and that those who support the idea that government should redistribute income are among the least likely to dig into their own wallets to help others.

I am quite sure if we looked at who has been helping our local charities we would find our wealthiest citizens have stepped up to fill the void. While it might seem Republicans and the wealthy are easy targets, the truth is excessive taxation hurts everyone and impedes growth, and is only the quick fix that soon becomes a nasty habit. It is time to find better solutions to cyclical financial trends through anticipation, better money management and removal of unfounded entitlements.

"Joan Stirlen, Edmond

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