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Wednesday Comics #1



DC Comics

As much as I used to love reading the Sunday funnies as a kid, I was always perturbed the newspaper never ran any comic strip that was even vaguely superhero. DC Comics' new project "Wednesday Comics" makes up for another publishing company's mistake, three decades later.

For 12 weeks, "Wednesday Comics" hits shelves as a broadsheet publication on newsprint. Fold it out and you have a giant comics section, only void of Blondie and Garfield and full of Batman and Green Lantern. Fifteen features are included, one page apiece, and will be serialized.

Kudos to Ryan Sook and Paul Pope for making their respective "Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth" and "Strange Adventures" features look like the "Prince Valiant" and "Flash Gordon" adventure strips of the past. "Supergirl" is the kid-friendly one of the bunch, and "The Flash" rather cleverly divides its page to provide two strips "? the bottom being a "Nancy Worth"/"Apartment 3G"-style soap opera featuring Flash's neglected girlfriend.

Also here: Superman, Wonder Woman, Sgt. Rock, Teen Titans, Metal Men, Metamorpho, Hawkman, The Demon and Catwoman.

A glance at any page tells you this is something special. Although it's fun to read, each one looks like a frame-ready work of pop art (particularly "Deadman"). The $3.99 price tag is a little steep when you do the math "? nearly $48 for the whole run, once it's all said and done "? but there's no denying the experiment works, making for the summer's graphic reading experience.

"?Rod Lott

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