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Wednesday Comics



d of Snoopy and Blondie, this newsprint was stuffed with serialized adventures of Superman and Batman, plus 13 others.

I'm glad I only bought the first issue, because it's already yellowed. And because now having them collected in a hardback edition "? with no folds, at that! "? makes for much easier, more pleasurable reading. Be warned: This book is huge, at 14-by-20 inches, meaning it's best read if you place it on the floor and read it while propped on your elbows, exactly like you did every Sunday morning years ago. That has to be by design.

Rather than present all 12 issues in chronological format, the book wisely separates them by feature, so you can digest all dozen chapters of any given character at once, instead of having to skip around. Variety in tone and style is what gives "Wednesday Comics" its rather hefty kick.

It begins with one of the best, as Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso tackle a rather dark tale of Batman. John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo's take on Superman is nearly equally heady. But don't expect all doom and gloom "? Kurt Busiek and Joe Qui

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