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Weighty works of Botero comes to Oklahoma City Museum of Art



The figures in Fernando Botero's sculptures and paintings are fat.

In Botero's world, big is absolutely beautiful and it's coming to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art on Saturday with the unveiling of "The Baroque World of Fernando Botero." The traveling exhibit of nearly 100 pieces will run through Dec. 2 as it sheds light on the larger-than-life imagination of the Colombian-born artist.

"The sense of proportion is very different," said Alison Almick, OKCMOA's associate curator. "You typically don't see artists creating voluptuous, large-scale figures with bright colors. There is a lot about Botero that is unexpected."

The monumental size and stature of the figures combined with the fleshy imagery is what makes Botero's art so distinctive, no matter the medium. His work has traveled the world, inciting curiosity and controversy with pointed political statements.

"He's considered the most important artist from Colombia, though he doesn't live in Colombia anymore. It's too dangerous," Almick said, as Botero has received death threats, and one of his bronze sculptures in his hometown was destroyed during a 1995 terrorist attack. "It really captures a number of different themes relating to Colombian life. It's a very colorful exhibition, very diverse."

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