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The center will be located on a site at 10th Street and Walnut Avenue, near downtown OKC, and will focus on “accelerating mid- to later-stage oil and gas technologies developed in GE’s Global Research labs, including production systems, well construction, water use optimization, CO2 solutions, and energy systems,” the company announced.

Said Gov. Mary Fallin in a press statement, “By establishing
such strong research and development roots, we are planting new seeds
of growth that will lead to more jobs and more economic activity for

Oh, and
while we’re talking about it, the gub’ner also announced a
direct-to-consumer Macy’s Fulfillment Center near Owasso.

Macy’s Inc.
said in a news release that it plans to invest $170 million in the
facility, including technology and “material handling equipment and
warehouse management systems.”

is expected to begin in the spring and open in 2015. An estimated 1,500
employees will be hired each year, company management said. And guess
what. Mary Fallin had something to say about that, too: “We are
extremely excited to welcome Macy’s, Inc. to our Oklahoma family,” she

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