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Welcome to the Grindhouse: The Teacher / Pick-up




For those of us too young or too landlocked to have enjoyed the grindhouse experience "? or just too unadventurous to have gone out to see the recent Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez collaboration (and you squares know who you are) "? a new series of DVDs aims to replicate the simple pleasures of a B-movie double feature complete with all the trimmings. Two "sinful shockers" of the Seventies comprise one of the first "Welcome to the Grindhouse" releases.


From 1974, "The Teacher" stars Angel Tompkins ("Alligator") as "? what else? "? a teacher who schools one of her pupils in the language of love. Or lust. Given the budget and R rating, it's probably the latter. That lucky boy-on-verge-on-manhood is Jay North, formerly the title character from TV's "Dennis the Menace," a show that never featured him rolling around on a bed with a nude nymph. Hey, Mr. Wilson!


What starts out as every guy's fantasy turns into a thriller when a creepy psycho stalker who drives a hearse competes for her affections "? using a knife, of course. It leads to a bleak and actually disturbing end.


Less successful or entertaining is 1975's "Pick-up," in which a guy in a RV picks up two morally loose chicks. You can guess what ensues. But having grainy original trailers unspooling before and between the features really makes it a home-vid adventure.


"?Rod Lott


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