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I never really understood the depths of being an Oklahoman. In light of the tornadoes this month, I truly get it. I feel it.

Growing up in Oklahoma, we learn to drive before we can walk. We learn to give directions like, “Turn left at the Smiths’,” and, “You’ll see the barn about a mile up on your right.”

Life’s forward movement eventually propels many of us from the pastures. Sometimes it’s the city. Some of us adopt orange and black, others crimson and cream.

No matter school rivalry or geographic location, certain things stay with us, whether it is the calmness of a field of waving wheat or a wideopen sunset filled with brilliant colors.

And those things keep us bonded together. From Blackwell to Guymon, Tahlequah and Durant, we are all Oklahoma.

The rallying support for tornado relief began minutes after the May 19 tornadoes swept through Central Oklahoma. It became even stronger after the EF5 devastated Moore and parts of south Oklahoma City.

Blood banks were full of donors within 24 hours. The American Red Cross of Central and Western Oklahoma had to turn volunteers away due to the overwhelming response. People and businesses donated millions of dollars.

You’ve probably been reminded why you love this place so damn much. So you wanna help, right?

Here are a few ways to get plugged in right away. And this works even if you are nowhere near Oklahoma.

Text REDCROSS to 90999, FOOD to 32333, or STORM to 80888. Each text will result in a $10 donation to American Red Cross, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and The Salvation Army, respectively.

Several local pop-up designs for shirts that support the tornado relief are available.

From Blackwell to Guymon, Tahlequah and Durant, we are all Oklahoma.

Blue Seven (7518 N. May; 604-5199), STASH (412 E. Main, Norman; 701-1016) and Shop Good (3 N.W. Ninth; 702-0517) have collaborated (design above right) and will take orders via phone or website. All proceeds raised will go to the American Red Cross.

Shirts are available on-demand and won’t be carried in stores, so call or get the link from each shop’s Facebook page.

The Okay See and Tree and Leaf Clothing collaborated on a T-shirt that reads, “Together we’ll be OK” (design pictured above left). All proceeds will be donated to the RFBO. To place your order, visit

If you’d like to help out a furry friend, visit Central Oklahoma Humane Society’s website at for more information.

Medical supplies and general grooming supplies are needed. The site supports donations to relief efforts, too.

Visit if you have a missing fur baby or need to report a stray.

You’ll also find links to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society Facebook and Instagram, both of which are staying regularly updated in order to reunite pets and pet parents.

Moore, Shawnee, Carney, Newcastle and Bethel Acres, we love you. Let’s put ourselves back together, OK?


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