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Welp, if you want to piss Kevin right off, it turns out a hand gesture is just the way to do it.



Welp, if you want to piss Kevin right off, it turns out a hand gesture is just the way to do it.

On March 22, Oklahoma Progress Now tweeted a series of pictures from a morning at the Capitol.

In the first, activist Adriana Laws is seen with a smiling Gov. Kevin Stitt, albeit with all the enthusiasm of a scarecrow, meanwhile Laws is beaming and holding up a “black power” fist with her right hand.

The caption: “Stitt, attempting to get a photo op at an advocacy day at the Capitol, gets visibly angry when a black woman takes her picture with him and raises her fist while doing it.”

The next two photos show Kevin’s blood boiling to a fever pitch. I mean, you can really see the vein in his neck straining as he points pointedly at Rep. Forrest Bennett (D-Oklahoma City).

Frankly, this might be the funniest photo opp backfire since Mary Fallin’s “Mary Failin’ Oklahoma” posed shot with Rico Smith’s T-shirt in 2014.

“This was a public event, a split second decision and Stitt’s concern is about optics and shouting at ppl. The idea anyone might stand up to him, especially a young black woman, is more than his fragile ego can handle. When these guys tell you who they are, believe them!” Oklahoma Progress Now tweeted.

This wasn’t the worst Twitter burn Stitt received in March though. After his appearance on Fox News spinning his typical anti-McGirt bullshit, the Cherokee Nation (of whom Stitt claims membership), posted this:

“As a tribe of 410,402 citizens, we’re thankful for the 410,401 Cherokee citizens who aren't going on TV to undermine our rights and sovereignty.”

Ouch. When even the tribe to which you claim membership is singling you out of its more than 400,000 enrolled members, everything points to a very exciting election year.

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