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We’re no. 10!



Yes, you guessed it. Oklahoma is the 10th most dangerous place to live in the nation. Is it time to party or what?

FBI stats show 469.3 violent crimes were committed in 2012 for every 100,000 Oklahoma residents. That doesn’t include the 3,401 property crimes per 100,000 residents. But there’s more: Aggravated assaults statewide jumped 3.8 percent while they increased by 1.1 percent nationwide.

The violence keeps mounting
long after the lists are released. Placing faces with stats, Oklahoma
City man Roberto Gonzalez became the 65th homicide victim of the year
when he was struck by gunfire as he stood in front of his car.
Investigators believe the shooter walked up to Gonzalez and killed him.

to the FBI, Oklahoma had a sharp increase in forcible rape in 2012 with
1,588 reported cases, up 12.6 percent from 2011 and the most since
1994. The incidence of rapes per 100,000 residents reached 41.6 last
year, the sixth highest rate in the nation.

crime doesn’t happen on its own. Poverty, gangs and lack of education
are significant contributors to increased violence. An analysis by 24/7
Wall St. online shows Oklahoma has a poverty rate of 17.2 percent and
only 23.8 percent of the state’s residents have a bachelor’s degree or
higher, which is one of the lowest rates in the country.

Like most of the other state-by-state lists, Oklahoma should try and get to the bottom of this one, too.

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