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Wes Craven most scared by real life



Legendary horror director Wes Craven ("A Nightmare on Elm Street," "Scream") also produces, including the 2006 hit remake of his 1977 smash "The Hills Have Eyes," and now its sequel, "The Hills Have Eyes II."

"I think of myself as the George Lucas of terror," Craven said. "I differ from Lucas and Spielberg and the movie generation because when I was a kid, I watched no movies at all. It was a religious thing in my family, so I didn't starting seeing movies until I was 25 or so, and then, I was most interested in the New Age European directors like Fellini."

Craven has a master's degree in psychology, and went from teaching to driving a taxi " two occupations that may have contributed to his interest in terror.

"I think that when the history books are written about our time, it will be called 'The Age of Terror,' so I guess if you make films about terror, you're right on the money," he said. "I like stories from real life. I prefer to work with ideas I get from newspapers or books I've read rather than with vampires or werewolves " although I've done those. I like telling stories about how macabre real life can be." "Doug Bentin

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