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Weston photo exhibit showing in Paseo district



Brett Weston may have passed away in 1993, but the photographer remains in high demand.

Not only is his first major retrospective exhibit in 30 years, "Out of the Shadow," currently running at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, but now his masterful black-and-white photos of natural landscapes can be seen "? and purchased "? starting at 6 p.m. Friday at JRB Art at The Elms, 2810 N. Walker.

The show will run through April 26, as will another JRB exhibit opening Friday: "Pentimento," featuring the work of Oklahoma artist Paul Medina. Pieces in "Pentimento" primarily entail mixed media with photographic collages on wood, in frames created by the artist.

"Although every face is unique, we all have a commonality that makes us the same," Medina said, in a press release. "My hope is that by recognizing the similarities of the spirit, we might be able to understand the world in which we live."

For more information, call 528-6336 or visit their site.

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