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What a hack



Credit: Brad Gregg

Wait. Wha? A University of Oklahoma student has found himself in the proverbial hot seat after being charged May 16 with five counts of computer fraud.

Roja Osman Hamad allegedly altered his grades and then changed the passwords of six members of the OU faculty.

The Norman Transcript reported that Hamad’s campus job in the IT department provided him access to the system.

“Upon discovery that the individual hacked into OU’s computer system to change his grades, OU immediately took steps to eliminate access that would allow any further abuse of OU’s systems. He also has been terminated from employment at the university,” said Catherine F.

Bishop, the university’s vice president for public affairs.

24-year-old Hamad hacked into the university computer system using the
same IP address with which he accessed his student account, which is how
he was busted.

ostensible crash course in hacking failed to impress upon him one of the
most critical aspects of the biz: anonymity. Psh. Amateur.

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