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What a relief!



According to a story from KOTV in Tulsa, the change in law could cause hundreds of people who had to register as a sex offender for draining the main vein in public to come off the list.

Attorney David Slane told KOTV the amendment helps clarify the law, and that he has heard of such cases in the past.

“Sometimes you’ll see people leaving nightclubs and things late at night and they can’t get to a restroom late at night, get stopped and they’re urinating in public. They have to register,” he said. “Hopefully, in the future, it may prevent several hundred people from having to register.”

Judging CFN’s many sojourns in nightclub latrines, we understand playing Russian roulette in the parking lot.

However, the KOTV story states, not all believe it will cause a decrease in the number of registered sex offenders.

Retired parole officer Mark Pursley told KOTV that in his 10 years overseeing sex offenders, he never ran across any who were simply watering the hedges in public.

“I’m aware of a thousand of them that will tell their friends and family that that’s all they did. But when you pull the police report, you’ll find that these individuals were masturbating in public or making lewd proposals to somebody while their genitalia were exposed,” Pursley reportedly said.

All right, yuck. We get it.

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