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What about à la carte?



Well, at least one hospital in Oklahoma City is trying to prevent potential patients from having a heart attack before they see the bill.

Anthony Hospital and its parent company, SSM Health Care of Oklahoma,
has teamed with MDSave, a website that partners with local hospitals and
health care professionals to list their prices online.

you’re having a colonoscopy? Get ready to shell out $1,225.92. Need STD
testing? That will cost a mere $149.05. How about a well-child visit?
That’s another $149.05.

click onto and check out the medical procedures and the corresponding
prices. It’s like pricing Christmas or birthday gifts and knowing the
cost before you get there.

MDSave is in Tennessee, Oklahoma and Texas and plans to expand to Arizona.

Powell, regional vice president for SSM Health Care of Oklahoma, said
more patients want to know the cost of medical services before
scheduling the procedures.

That’s smart business for the hospital and the consumer. Now, about that herpes exam?

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