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What about the public good?



Corporate executives
were once proud that their enterprises produced jobs and wages for
employees as well as products and services. Today, the system seems to
consider labor a commodity to be purchased at the lowest price. And
whereas CEOs once averaged salaries equal to 60 times what their hourly
workers made, today’s CEOs commonly earn 300 to 500 times what hourly
workers take home. Many see truth in the Occupy Wall Street assertion
that our economic system pits the interests of the 1 percent against the
99 percent.

How did conservatism come to mean
dismantling regulations protecting workers, compromising regulations of
banking and finance that prohibited casino risk-taking with other
people’s money, reversing regulations suggesting that corporations
should be responsible for their hazardous wastes and pollution?
Corporations seem to oppose any regulations affecting profits.

Ford knew that workers need income to buy the products they make.
Franklin Roosevelt knew that federal investment in infrastructure
created jobs and built things needed, which paid dividends long after
the debts incurred had been retired. When the middle class is employed,
their spending lifts the whole economy.

The billions
languishing at the top produce few jobs. Oklahoma City’s miracle
resulted from investment in infrastructure. This is no time to cut taxes
but rather to invest in building our society.

—Nathaniel Batchelder, Oklahoma City

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