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What evolutionists fear



Whenever a bill comes up before our
Legislature that gives teachers in our public schools the freedom to
teach the positives and negatives of evolution, they immediately cry
“foul” because anything that might bring doubt on their beloved theory
must be religious.

The reason why they are so touchy is
because they know how weak evolution theory is, and when those
weaknesses are pointed out to students, it might cause them to question
its validity.

I thought it interesting that they
brought up the discovery of germ theory as an example of the great
strides science has made in the last 200 years. Do they not know that
germ theory was supported and finally proved by Louis Pasteur in 1861
because he rejected the evolutionistic concept of spontaneous
generation, also known as abiogenesis, that taught life sprung from
inorganic matter? This was a tremendous blow to Darwin’s theory at the
time, which Pasteur spoke out against during his scientific career.

the way, Pasteur was considered one of the greatest scientists of his
time, especially in France. I believe he and many scientists today would
be offended by being referred to as “anti-science wolves.” Science is
all about questioning everything. Theories come and go.

History is replete with examples of great scientists who became great because they questioned the status quo.

bills that Mock, Thai and Boyd refer to are not about religion; they
are about letting science be science. I think the real threat of
religion in our public schools is the religious cult of evolution theory
so guarded by its adherents.

Truth does not fear investigation.

I wonder what evolution scientists are afraid of.

—Steve Kern, Oklahoma City

Kern is pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

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