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What goes up, must come down, right? Right?!



The second Russian dictator Vladimir Putin fired the first volleys into the Ukraine, gas prices shot up because there’s nothing that energy speculators like more than taking advantage of people who are beholden to their products (which is everyone).

Unsurprisingly, the first to complain were the monster truck drivers whose pickup beds have nary a scratch, hauling only their own asses and “Let’s Go Brandon” bumpster stickers to their gated communities on the edge of the cities.

Meanwhile, the already-stretched and rapidly diminishing middle classes get placed on the rack again, to say nothing of the working poor and those living in poverty whose turn in the barrel never seems to end.

“Let them drink gas,” comes the refrain from the oil companies and lawmakers they own who enjoy the widening record profits.

While oil and gas might have built Oklahoma City and Tulsa, it’s not prompting the growth of communities now. And whether the local yokels like it or not, Oklahoma’s endless cannabis, craft beer, gambling and low cost of living as well as exploding live music and restaurant scenes are causing people to flock to the state.

Will those new arrivals be as willing to participate in our mass Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to being bilked by the oil and gas industry? Will they thank them while roads fall apart and schools close even as they pay more at the pump?

Kevin and his cronies like to say the state is open for business and good for it. If that’s the case, why aren’t more of them moving here? Trump famously said that he loves the poorly educated but so does Oklahoma’s ruling class who exploit their lack of economic understanding to keep the finger pointed at the president rather than themselves for their greed.

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