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What's a few thousand between friends?



The news station reported that the company’s accountant read through the DHS handbook and found the part where a business that makes an overpayment should contact the agency and ask for a refund.

When KFOR reporter asked Jeff Wagner of Child Support Services about the kerfuffle, Wagner said, “It’s really unfortunate that the employer submitted more payment than they intended to, but that money has already been disbursed to the family that it belonged to and for us to refund, the employer for the employer’s error, we would have to use taxpayer funds for that.”

No state fund hands out refunds in such a case and the company is basically SOL with DHS, according to the report.

Later that week, when asked by KFOR about the incident, Gov. Fallin’s spokesperson said something about small businesses being awesome and really, really neat, but yeah, Tec-An is so not getting its money back.

“The governor, one of her top priorities is to support small business, keep bringing small businesses and jobs into Oklahoma and she’s had great success with that.

This is an instance, though, where just our hands are tied,” spokesman Alex Weintz told KFOR.

The state did announce that it had fixed the computer program, however, to double-check payments being processed so it wouldn’t happen again.

So the lesson of the story appears to be:

Math and proofreading are important, and some divorced person is having a really, really good time right now.

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