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What’s in your working-class wallet?



Jay Wright
(Letters, “Some more, some less,” Dec. 29, 2010, Gazette) thinks that criticism of the rich
is a recent innovation of the Obama administration. Actually, it’s much older
than that: It goes all the way back to Jesus Christ, who plainly and without
any ambiguity said, “Blessed are the poor,” and “Woe to the rich.”

Wright wants a live-and-let-live treaty so he can continue a high-consumption
lifestyle. I wouldn’t have much problem with this, except for the little detail
that this lifestyle is subsidized by the taxpayer.

us count the ways: (1) Since fuel taxes don’t pay all the bills, roads are also
funded with sales and property taxes, so Americans benefit from subsidized
roads. (2) To keep gasoline affordable for a Range Rover habit, the military is
deployed, at very high human and dollar cost, to control the petroleum lifeline
from the Middle East. (3) Perhaps Americans took advantage of the artificially
low-bysocialist-government-fiat interest rates to buy their vehicles or a
McMansion, thus enabling them to buy more cars and more house than would be the
case if a free market prevailed for interest rates. (4) A McMansion is made
more affordable by the mortgage interest deduction on one’s income taxes.

criticizes attempts by the left to legislate morality, while forgetting that it
was the right that originated that concept and those efforts continue most
notably today with the “War on Drugs” that attempts to coerce a common
socialist morality on all citizens. It was the conservative right that gave us
the misnamed Patriot Act, which has done more to destroy American liberties and
freedoms than anything ever proposed by the left.

asks how many middle-class jobs are offered by poor people, but is blind to the
rent-seeking elites who have raised the price of market entry so high that poor
people can no longer start micro-enterprises that could grow into full-time
jobs. The poor have been punished for decades by urban renewal, which has
destroyed tens of thousands of mostly low-income housing units. This continual
market distortion raised the price of housing well above the actual free market
price, with all of the benefits of these economic progams accruing to those who
are not poor. People criticize the rent-seeking elites because they are tired
of having their pockets picked by economic aristocrats who demand low interest
rates for credit, while they punish working-class ants like 
with low interest rates on our savings accounts. When their financial
institutions get into trouble, they demand that taxpayer money be thrown from
helicopters onto Wall Street.

would be totally in favor of a liveand-let-live program as described by Mr.
Wright. He and his rent-seeking friends can start by taking their fingers off
my working-class wallet.



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