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Megan Mullally
credit: Gage Skidmore

“My adult beverage of choice is a light beer — preferably Coors Light. While my last name is Williams (which is English), I am actually three-fourths German. Due to that lineage, I think I have a ‘bier’ gene in my genetic makeup.”
—Roy Williams, president and CEO of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce 

Roy Williams
Credit: Mark Hancock


“I like the frozen Kahlúa and cream. It tastes like a shake. I like sweet drinks.”
—Kristin Chenoweth, actress and singer 

Kristin Chenoweth


“Going back to those days
of playing in bands in Chicago (in my early 20s), I remember sitting
outside on a steamy August night after band practice and each of us in
the band slugging down MD 20/20 right out of the bottle. Today, I am
more refined ... I think. Whenever we are out to dinner, I will have a
Corona in a cold glass and a lime. And once a year, after a Corona or
two, I might have a side shot of Patrón tequila, which I sip very slowly
to enjoy that rich, smooth flavor. I am not a very complicated
adult-beverage guy.”
—Jack Elliott, morning show co-host on KYIS 98.9 FM

Jack Elliott
Credit: Shannon Cornman


“I think the ‘where’
generally determines the ‘what.’ In India, Kingfisher beer was the
choice, in Nepal, it was Everest! Hot summer day: chilled seafood salad,
icy cold Chardonnay. Classic steak dinner: yummy big red. A glass of
champagne any time, any place!”
—Meg Salyer, Oklahoma City Ward 6 council member

Meg Salyer
Credit: Mark Hancock


“I need a light drink that
will keep me up without bringing me down. A single tall club soda and
vodka with two slices of lime is my drink of choice. It’s a refreshing
springtime drink that will work well into the summer sizzler that is
soon upon us.”
—Steven Battles (aka Chrome Pony), musician

Chrome Pony


the schedule I keep, I have to focus on quality over quantity. There
are few things harder than trying to be interesting and entertaining
that early in the morning, and hung over after a night of shots and
cheap beer. Luckily, I love a good stout beer, preferably a Guinness,
that I can take my time with and savor.”
—Brad Copeland, morning show co-host on KATT 100.5 FM

Brad Copeland


“It is Lent, the season of
penance. So, I must confess that as governor, I had a wine rack in the
mansion. It cradled one of my favorite beverages next to water,
Chardonnay. We were both happy temporary tenants of the residence!” —Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma

Frank Keating



going to point to my favorite adult beverage, and it’s nearly
impossible to get: the mighty Westvleteren XII. Brewed by Trappist monks
in Belgium, they only make enough to keep the abbey rolling, and
sometimes that means it doesn’t get made at all. They don’t sell it in
stores. In order to get it, you have to hike way out to the abbey, and
even then, only by reservation! I’m sure the mystique adds to the fact
that this beer is often voted by many educated beer connoisseurs as ‘the
best in the world,’ but I can tell you that is absolutely the most
delicious beer I’ve ever had.

you want to try something similar, you can actually come very close by
picking up a St. Bernardus Abt 12. Bonus: You can get this in Oklahoma!
Be warned, this is an ‘in front of the fire’ beer. It’s 10.50-percent
alcohol, so be careful. Drink it out of a goblet, because that’s what
you’re supposed to do.”
—J.D. McPherson, singer-songwriter 

J.D. McPherson
credit: Samantha Franklin


“Beer and wine. Beer
because I have to: I’m German. And wine because some doctor in France
said a couple of glasses a day of red wine will help you.”
—Al Eschbach, sports talk radio host on WWLS The Sports Animal

Al Eschbach


“My favorite is Crown and
soda. It’s sparkling, not sweet and simply made. At Nonna’s Purple Bar,
it is called the Crown Jewel!”
—Avis Scaramucci, owner of Nonna’s Euro-American Restaurant and Painted Door 

Avis Scaramucci
Credit: Mark Hancock


“Within the last four or
five years, I’ve become obsessed and fascinated with wine. It’s a great
experience from the time you open the bottle until it’s gone — from
sharing with friends, pairing with foods and enjoying all the different
tastes of a good wine. It depends on the situation, and I do like a nice
white or rosé, but I’m a sucker for a nice, full-bodied red.”
—Ashley Stewart (formerly Ashlynn Brooke), retired adult film star

Ashley Stewart (formerly Ashlynn Brooke)



“Coors Light in a bottle
while floating down the Illinois River on a raft. That is summer to me
... though I also enjoy a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir and a cheese
plate. Followed by a fat joint.”
—Sterlin Harjo, filmmaker

Sterlin Harjo


“I don’t do strong or
bitter drinks. I prefer wine. Moscato is my favorite. It is a little
bubbly, a little sweet and always feels like a celebration drink. In
fact, I had a glass of it when Adam (my fiancé) proposed, so there is
that memorable connotation with it.”
—Liz Dueweke, morning anchor on KOKH Channel 25

Liz Dueweke


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