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When pairing wine to holiday food, stick with what you like



Whether you prefer to order a bucket of wings or whip up a batch of spanakopita from scratch, you can find a wine to accentuate the flavor and even steal the show.

But don't let archaic rules hold you back. You don't have to follow strict pairing laws of old to determine what wines go best with a spread of appetizers or your Thanksgiving turkey.

"Whatever you like best goes best," said Jennifer Nunley, sales representative at Glazer's of Oklahoma.

Experienced wine drinkers know that every person has different wine preferences. Some prefer a very heavy, dry red wine and others prefer light and fruity whites. Pleasing an entire crowd can be tricky, especially during overcrowded holiday seasons.

Red blends are a hot item in the wine industry, due to their unique flavors and versatility. Red blends are typically medium-bodied wines that combine two or more types of grapes for a diverse range of flavors.

"They have a little bit of everything, and people just love them," said Louise Dresser, manager of Cheers Wine & Spirits, 1007 S.W. 19th in Moore.

While red blends appeal to a large number of tastes, Jerry Wall, owner of Wall's Wine Bin, said it best: "If you don't like red wine, you shouldn't force yourself to drink red."

Just because you are eating a plate of chili nachos or a meat sauce does not mean you automatically have to turn to the red wine selections. If you like whites, stick with whites; there are plenty of choices to be had. "Lisa Spinelli


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