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When will Gaylord Films release 'Wonder Twins?'



With "Iron Man" heating up the box office, Chicken Fried-News wondered about the status of that other eagerly awaited superhero movie. No, not "The Dark Knight." No, not "The Incredible Hulk." Yes, "The Wonder Twins."

It's been six years since Gaylord Films " yes, that Gaylord " announced it was teaming with Warner Bros. to activate the adventures of the two all-time lamest "SuperFriends" characters for a live-action treatment.

Certainly any child of the Seventies remembers " and harbors a hatred for " Zan and Jayna, the pointy eared, purple-suited alien twins whose fists touch to spark their super powers: Zan taking on some form of water; Jayna assuming some characteristic of an animal. Speaking of animals, the third wheel in this crime-fighting unit was Gleek, their caped, bucktoothed monkey.

Despite Hollywood making a mint with every comic-book property under the sun, word has been quiet on the "Wonder Twins" front "¦ and that's probably a good thing. Last we heard, back in August, the studio suits had approached Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal to take on the roles, according to MovieWeb. Sounds like the stuff of mere rumor, but CFN thinks a rabid rhesus monkey would be a shoo-in for Gleek.

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