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Where the buffalo roam naked



So perhaps MA+ Architecture shouldn’t be too surprised that its office’s herd of fake buffalo outside have been “stripped” of their Thunder tees.

Yesterday, the OKC-based architecture firm at 4000 N. Classen Blvd. issued a news release about the theft.

“We always seem to have a certain amount of theft when we display the buffaloes, but this time they actually took one of the buffaloes, as well as the Thunder T-shirts,” said MA+ principal Gary Armbruster.

The firm often dresses up the half-scale herd for special occasions, like Christmas, but even this criminal act won’t stop the wardrobe.

“We’re like the Thunder: We never quit,” said MA+ principal Paul Meyer, who originated the idea of dressing the buffaloes. “We’re going to replace the missing buffalo and put new T-shirts on the herd. ... We’ll watch the herd a little closer.”

... and after the playoffs

Chicken-Fried News word to the wise: Better buy in bulk!

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