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White wines awaiting discovery at OKC metro restaurants



Metro restaurants are introducing interesting white wines to charm diners' palates.

Chardonnay remains the No. 1-selling white wine in America. With flavor profiles like green apple, pear, citrus and melon, a good Chardonnay leaves many consumers with long-lasting impressions. It is perhaps one of the most adaptable grapes in wine production today.

Frascati remains the most popular of the white wines in Rome and once was referred to as "the wine of the popes and of the people."

In production for more than 2,000 years, the white wine reportedly spewed from a Roman fountain in 1670, delighting many who cheerfully imbibed. Today, Frascati continues to stroke wine-lovers with its dry, clean and crisp character. Aromas of floral and hints of almond blossom are followed by implicit notes of citrus on the palate

The indisputable reigning wine champ of the seafood arena is Albariño. Hailing from Spain's Galicia region, the aromatic Albariño exhibits scents of almonds, apples, peaches and citrus.

"The range of Albariño is incredible: It can refresh when consumed by itself, and it is a must-have when enjoying seafood," said Sam Eid of Sam's Warehouse Liquor, 2933 N.W. 63rd. "Edmund Solis

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