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Whiz kid



Credit: Brad Gregg

Little Dillan no longer will be a menace to society, thanks to a vigilant Piedmont police officer. The officer — who, one might argue, had a bit too much time on his hands — stopped the tot as he began to unzip in the front yard of his home on a quiet, somewhat rural residential street.

Dillan’s mother, Jennifer Warden, received a ticket for public urination that will cost her a cool $2,500. She pointed out that, like many toilet-training toddlers, Dillan is still in the process of mastering when and where and how to go. One might think a policeman would cut him a bit of slack. One would be wrong.

of course, there are laws against public nudity. The police are charged
with protecting the community not just from the aforementioned killers
and robbers, but also from inappropriate creepiness.

Like, for example, an adult man putting “toddler genitals” at the top of his list of areas to police.

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