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'Why bother?'



I read (with horror) Joe Wertz' review of Hayden Miller's self-titled release (Aug. 18, Gazette). Although I am sure that Mr. Wertz thought that he was just doing his job and writing an honest review, it occurs to me to ask, "Why bother?"

Week after week, I see full two-page articles in the Gazette that fairly gush about the latest death-shock-Gothic-neo-rap-metal-dirt fad band, etc., that happens to be passing through OKC on the way to somewhere else, or nowhere, as the case may be.

OKC has always been enthralled with musicians from somewhere else. Ask any working local musician. To treat one of our own like this is not necessary, damn it, whatever the reason.

Why review a songwriter if you are just going to trash him?

I suppose I should disclose that Mr. Miller is a friend of mine, and he has more songwriting talent and depth for his genre than a lot of people of his age and experience. I like the CD, but what do I know? I guess I should be thankful to have somebody tell me it's not any good. The good thing about this is that if this guy says he really likes something, I'll know to avoid it. I rely on the Gazette to help keep the windows of culture open in Oklahoma City, not slam them shut. I am sincerely disappointed. Oh, well, at least you carry The New York Times Crossword.

Support your local musician.

"Joe Baxter
Midwest City

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