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Why wait for the government?



Regarding Kurt Hochenauer's Commentary "Gimme storm shelter" in the May 19, 2010, Gazette:

You're right that the storm shelters should be built, but not that we should wait for the officials to decide to budget the money to cast down from the white towers upon the place owners to give to the shelter-builders.

I almost called "the officials" "government," but you remember that "government of the people" stuff they fed us in grade school? Turns out that " after you learn to ignore the smoky fireworks taste " there's an efficient system there; the officials don't have to worry about "reality" 'cause "we the people" do all the work.

The place owners should build the shelters or have the shelters built with their own money (or a personal, applied-for loan or an extra fee to their tenants or ... oh, however you grown-ups do with money stuff).

"Jay Hubbard
Oklahoma City

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