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Will power



If America is not good enough for you to live in and make money in, why then you are privileged to go to some other country. But don't ask protection from a country that was not good enough for you. If you want to make money out of a country, why, take out citizenship papers and join them. Don't use one country for money and another for convenience.
"from "Will Rogers' Weekly Articles, Vol. 2, The Coolidge Years, 1925-1927," edited by James M. Smallwood and Steven K. Gragert

Here we are, 85 years later " same as 1925. You would think by now Congress or someone with authority would figure it out. Too many old fogies in Washington are making too much money to care.

Congress should be limited to two terms so some young, fresh minds could take over. Maybe they could come up with something to get the work to our people who desperately need it. Not everyone can play ball and make millions.

Greed is taking over. Name one "sport" that our young people can afford. They are the ones needing sports, not holding up some business. They have nothing to do, so they give drugs a try. End of story.

"Norma Aloe
Midwest City

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