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Will tweet for votes



Sure, we know our two gubernatorial candidates' positions on the economy, health care and education. But how manageable are their tweets?

Get your mind out of the gutter " we're talking about their entries on Twitter. On the morning of Oct. 19, we randomly selected five full-sentence tweets apiece from the front pages of Jari Askins' and Mary Fallin's Twitter accounts. Removing all "@" replies, URLs and post-sentence hashtags, we entered the text into an online reading level calculator. This one was based on the Flesch-Kincaid test, which measures comprehension difficulty of English passages through a formula too complex to outline here, because we slept through Algebra I and Algebra II.

An example of Fallin's tested tweets: "Great day for the Robbers Cave Fall Festival in #Wilburton! Enjoying visiting with folks here"

An example of Askins' tested tweets: "Darn wish you stopped by our tailgate today - at home games we're at Lindsey and Asp or the Cleveland Co. Dems office"

The results? Incredibly close: Askins' tweets earned an average grade-level score of 9.6 to Fallin's 9.2. In terms of reading ease, the opponents are closely matched as well, with Askins earning a 53.6 vs. Fallin's 52.6.

Per the Flesch-Kincaid test, the higher the score on reading ease, the more easily understood by younger people. (A 60-to-70 score is deemed easily understandable by students age 13 to 15.)

So there you have it. Remember, when you go to the polls Tuesday ... that taking Twitter into account is an absolutely stupid move. Educate yourself on their platforms. #kthx

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