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Wine spectator



I read with interest the letter by Mr. JP Richard ("Wine in grocery stores," March 10, 2010, Gazette) wherein he explained the reasons why the defeat of Senate Bill 2205 was a good thing for the people of Oklahoma. The main thrust of his argument seems to be that allowing grocery stores to sell wine and strong beer would drive up the price and decrease the selection available to consumers.

I don't use alcohol. Most of my friends and family don't drink, or they do so very sparingly. We don't care how much a bottle of Crown Royal costs, or that we don't have 3,000 wines to choose from. It does bother us that we can't shop at cool stores like Whole Foods, where we can get wholesome, affordable, organically grown food, and a lot of other neat things not offered by local chains.

Richard begins and ends with the statement that SB 2205 was defeated for "good, sound economic reasons." To whose financial interests does he refer?
"Stuart Phelps
Oklahoma City

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