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Witless Protection



Reviewer's grade: F

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy once again dons an array of sleeveless shirts and assembles the A-material that pays his bills. Unfortunately, his A-material usually has something to do with poop, stinky feet, processed food or spandex on a fat guy.


Larry plays Larry, a sheriff's deputy with ambition to further his law-enforcement career. When suspicious characters he believes to be kidnappers come through his town, Larry jumps into action and steals their hostage. As everyone but Larry can plainly see, the "kidnappers" are FBI agents transporting a witness to trial. Chasing interspersed with bodily functions, dum-dum dialogue ("Are you insane?" "No, I'm Larry"), and the occasional racist comment (calling a Muslim fellow "Pamper-head") follows.


It's best not to think too hard about how this wad of dog-flop came into existence or how much time and money were wasted in the process. It's too painful to think of the literally millions of things on which those resources would have been better spent. PG-13


"?Michael Robertson 


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