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Women Who Kill



As anyone who’s seen the last couple of Comedy Central roasts knows, Schumer is a fearless comedian, and no topic is too potentially offensive for her to tackle without apology. Here, that includes Jewish concentration camps, choking your grandmother, peeing in the ocean, giving your boyfriend HPV, volunteering for the Special Olympics, and on and on and on. She is hilarious.

While indeed funny, the other three ladies aren’t as funny. So the hour feels like sex in reverse: orgasm upfront, then foreplay.

Rachel Feinstein comes the closest to matching Schumer’s bravado, especially when taking down “frat douches” in Vegas who look like they “just graduated from rape tech.” Her bits tackle everything from kids with peanut allergies to her mother’s desire to be black. All allow her to employ a range of voices.

Looking like a sorority president, Nikki Glaser defies audience expectations with crude jokes about sex ... but also bad driving. The lone minority of the quartet, Marina Franklin, weighs in on interracial dating, African-American names and how her vagina is like an Xbox.

Low-priced, the Entertainment One DVD contains a couple of extra comedy bits in the extras, most notably a sketch that imagines the foursome having a slumber party. I think Saturday Night Live could use this particular shot of estrogen. —Rod Lott

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