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Women's roller derby team splits from league



The Oklahoma City-based Tornado Alley Rollergirls roller derby league is going through some changes. The Victory Dolls has left TARG fold to form its own entity, amending its title to the Oklahoma Victory Dolls, effectively createing an autonomous league with the stated purpose of competing at the national level with other leagues around the country.

Brooke Burleson, media and public relations director and interleague liaison for the Dolls, said OVD's plan is to rotate between hosting teams from out of state and traveling past Oklahoma borders for bouts when the season starts in late February.

"It's a ton of work," Burleson said. "We're just trying to finalize our schedules."

Burleson said OVD is trying to coordinate bouts with several teams in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Minnesota.

"We're looking to keep a big fan base locally, of course," she said, "but we want to take Oklahoma roller derby to the national level, and we want someday to compete in the national championships."

Amanda Lipscomb, TARG manager, said TARG and OVD are still working together, and that the split is more about a difference in goals than any animosity.

"Their aim is to be national next season," Lipscomb said. "So they found if they branched off, they could move a little faster."

Burleson said OVD will hold all their practices and bouts at their "home base" of Miles' Roll-A-Way Rink at 5800 N.W. 36th. "Mike Robertson


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