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Woofsly Barksy The III



Since dogs shouldn’t really eat too much cheese and it’s ill advised to give them fancy alcohol, that drastically limits the amount of culture one can inject into the puppy park.

Rest easy! Because now you can take in some art while your pupster drops a deuce. And this gallery is free to enter. That’s right, according to, Edmond has installed a metal sculpture in their city dog park.

It’s no chintzy work of art either:

This canine craft came in at $17,500. According to the website, the city of Edmond paid for half of the beaut’s hefty tag; the remainder was split between Edmond resident Jimmie Shadid and her son, attorney Randel Shadid, a former mayor.

“It raises the aesthetic look of the community,” Randel Shadid told The Oke.

Hopefully, Fido won’t raise his hind leg in its general direction. Thankfully, the art’s made of metal to withstand any hiking and gnawing it might endure. Head to Rankin and 33rd Street in Edmond for some doggy rompin’ and art viewin’.

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