Sometimes comfort levels are compromised at the beginning of any new routine. Once you cross the healthclub threshold, the impending doom of squats and lunges linger in your very sore future. Whether you’re looking for that last bit of oomph to pursue a workout goal or you’re currently involved in frequent sweat fests (good for you!), OKC has what you need to be comfortable in what you’re sportin’.

First up, head to Classen Curve and get friendly with Red Coyote Running and Fitness (5800 N. Classen; 840-0033). You’ll be greeted with smiling faces and a wealth of information and enthusiasm about your goals.

Store manager Jeremy Dunkle explained that many people come in looking for the perfect shoe.

First, you’ll be asked to shed your shoes and socks to run (or walk) on the treadmill. While you’re doing that, a strategically placed video camera will survey. It’s then played back in slow motion.

“We like for the customer to know what their foot is doing and how it’s reacting,” said Dunkle. The motion-gait analysis helps them to know if a neutral or stability shoe is needed. (I didn’t know what that meant. Don’t worry; they’ll explain!) RC has anything you could need to get started, from anti-chafe balm to running strollers. Also, all the fall wear is brightly colored and reflective. As an advocate for health, RC hosts a Newbie 5K program ($55) that includes group runs, T-shirt, entry fee into a race and tons support.

If all you’re after is shoes, check out Best Feet Forward at 7431 N. May. It doesn’t have quite the array of running goodies, but the individual attention to shoe fit is spot-on. Also, if you have any gently used shoes, BFF has a donation box in the store for those in need.

At BFF, you’ll be asked to remove your shoes and stand on a sensor pad. The computer screen shows areas of your feet that receive the most pressure. You’ll be given your balance level (I’m 49/51) and then asked to walk across the pad to determine gait and shoe needs (I “overpronante” and need a stability-type shoe). From there, you’ll be given sensor-tailored recommendations.

If you enjoy yoga or Pilates and don’t require shoes, make sure to check out Four Graces Pilates Studio (2828 W. Country Club Drive; 608-4446). The selection of Lulumon products is a dandy. From yoga mats to running skirts, you’ll find all the attire you need to get primped for practice.

After your new workout wardrobe, you’ll have what it takes to confidently pursue (or maintain) a healthy regimen. Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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