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World tragedies inform art of Humphries



While most art related to war and tragedies is dark and gloomy, Eric Humphries used vibrant colors and simple shapes to tell a difficult story.

Humphries' exhibit, "Heaven, Hell and the Earth: Portraits of 9/11, the Iraq War and Other Historical Tragedies," has attracted hundreds of visitors since it opened on Oct. 5 at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery, 811 N. Broadway, in Oklahoma City.

There are 13 pieces total in the exhibit, each one dealing with a different tragedy, including:
" the Vietnam War,
" the Rape of Nanking and
" the My Lai Massacre.

"They are atrocities that should have never happened and should never be allowed to happen again," said Humphries, in a press release. "I hope that when you view my art, you are sobered by the realization that people really were harmed in the making of these paintings, even killed in many instances, and perhaps then we can all understand that if we remember, we are not condemned to repeat."

Jeff Stokes, IAO executive director, described the paintings as allegorical.

"He pulls together all aspects of the event into one painting so all of the elements in the scenario are revealed in the painting," Stokes said.

The last chance to see the exhibit is through Friday. For more information, call 232-6060 or visit their site. 

"?Lauren Parajon


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