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Writer/artist team release comic book anthology, develop animated series



Brian Winkeler and Eric Sandhop book signing:  "Popgun Volume Four"
New World Comics and Games
6219 N. Meridian
5 p.m. Friday, February 26

There's a time and place when being called a "bastard" should be taken as a compliment.
The time is 5 p.m. Friday, and the place is New World Comics and Games, 6219 N. Meridian, when writer Brian Winkeler and artist Eric Sandhop sign copies of the book "Popgun Volume Four." The 512-page graphic anthology contains two stories of Winkeler's "Bastard Road" comic, one of which is illustrated by Sandhop.

"Bastard Road," which began as a TV pitch to Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" block, is a post-apocalyptic buddy comedy about total opposites Bastard and Farel as they wander the Bastard Road. The duo runs into several odd characters in this barren landscape, including luchadores, sexy mutant women and giant, one-eyed chickens who spit fire. Winkeler said he and artist Dave Curd are currently working on a crossover tale with Erik Larsen's "Savage Dragon," but hope to make big things happen with the "Bastard" comic.

"We hope to produce a new, stand-alone 'Bastard Road' graphic novel once we finish that story," he said. "And we're working with an L.A.-based producer to develop 'Bastard Road' as an animated series."

Food and drink will be served at Friday's debut, where attendees can meet Winkeler and Sandhop.

"It's a free event, and we're basically encouraging anyone who comes to either buy a 'Popgun' or find something else at New World that they'd enjoy reading," Winkeler said.

For more information, call 721-7634 or visit "?Luke Atkinson

photo "Bastard Road" creative team Eric Sandhop and Brian Winkeler will debut a new anthology of comics at a book signing on Friday. Photo/Dave Curd


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