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Writer of the Quarantine: Bobbie Franklin


Bobbie Franklin is a serial entrepreneur and current content director at Frank Creative. She moved to Oklahoma City in 2016 and lives in Edgemere Terrace with her boyfriend and mini-poodle. She has been writing ever since she had her first poem published in a children's anthology in elementary school, though she tries to remain humble.

I want you to love me so
That you know the stories of the marks on my body
A spider bite or scar
From before you ever touched me
But you’d recite the words as if they were your own

I want you to love me so
That my body is as your body
A loving touch or gentle remark
Or simply a careful application of aloe on red and tender skin
With no angry words

I want you to love me so
That in old age you’ll feel the aching in my bones
See the flesh droop from my face
And still, remark at my beauty and imperfections
As if holding up a gilded mirror to your own

I want you to love me so

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