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Writer of the Quarantine: Judy Jenkins



Judy Jenkins lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, Fred. They have 5 children and 9 grandchildren, and their first great-grandchild is due this summer. She loves children, gardening and reading and is currently president of the Westbrooke neighborhood homeowners association. Judy retired from teaching after 30 years in the Mustang school district. She spent 16 of those years teaching kindergarten, and she loved reading children's literature to her students.


The Tiny Little Crown That Tried to Take the Whole World Down

It was so teeny-tiny small – not very big at all.
You could not see it with your own eye,
No matter how hard you might try.
It lived inside a bat, and for years,
That was that.

Until one terrible day it got out
And started spreading about.
From a hand to a nose and down to a lung –
Oh, what misery had begun!

It soared from a mother to a brother
And one person to another.
Each person was getting sick and sicker.
All the doctors said, “We must act quicker!”

They all wondered what it could be.
It was something they could not see.
So, they looked in a microscope –
And what they saw did not give them hope.

It was a virus with little spikes like a crown.
And so, coronavirus was the name they wrote down.
No medicine could stop it they knew,
So, all around the world it flew.

It swooped from China to Hong Kong,
And then to countries way beyond.
It went to Italy, Germany and Spain,
Then on to America, Britain and even Bahrain.

The people were told, “Stay home, stay home!”
But some didn’t listen and went out to roam.
So, it kept on spreading more every day
And the kids, with their friends, could not play.

All the restaurants and schools had to close –
It seemed like everything in the world just froze.
Oh yes, that little crown was strong,
But it could not stop the people for long.

All the doctors and nurses, cleaning crews, too
Went right to work and knew what to do.
They were oh so caring and smart.
And they showed all the love in their heart.

The moms and dads had to stay home
And visit their loved ones by phone.
To grandma and grandpa, the kids wrote a letter,
To those who were sick they wrote, “Please get better.”

And so…
The people found many ways to be loving and kind.
They helped each other, so no one was left behind.
And when that little crown is gone someday,
We will cherish our love for each other in a strong new way.

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