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A true Christian shouldn’t want to attend such an event, regardless of how it was worded. A true Christian should know there are flocks to tend to, and they should not concern themselves with such superficial displays. Personally,
it’s never made sense to pick one day out of the year to celebrate the
life of Jesus. This is, after all, the man who took away our sin and
paved the way for our salvation. So why do we bankrupt ourselves for one
day of massive giftgiving? Would it not make more sense to bring good
tidings year-round to celebrate Christ? Notice I said “tidings,” not

what does it say about us that our best attempts at celebrating his
birthday actually become a monument to consumerism? I mean,
realistically speaking, what child (and even a bunch of adults) wouldn’t
throw a tantrum if they didn’t receive a gift for Christmas? Therein
lies the problem: Most of us partake in this holiday without the
slightest concern for Christ himself, or his message.

why not remind those around us that they matter with a daily hug, a
“thank you,” a “great job” or an “I love you”? Surely that goodwill
would be a better transmitter of Christ’s love than insignificant
material things that are wholly incapable of providing love.

have a lot of trouble believing that the son of God would approve of
violating Earth’s resources just to celebrate a holiday in his name. By
that, I mean Christmas trees, wrapping paper, plastic toys, lights,
gadgets and the carbon footprint created by bringing them to market.

would he approve of the decadence that most Americans enjoy around this
time of year, while so many in the world are hungry, poor and otherwise
in need? I do recall Jesus being very specific about helping those

who needs to have the name “Christmas” associated with the Holiday
Parade of Lights? Christ certainly would not approve anyway. Though if
all those choosing to attend chose to help out a homeless shelter or
food pantry instead, I imagine he’d be grinning from ear to ear.

—Brandon Wertz
Oklahoma City

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