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Yay or neigh?


Credit: Brad Gregg

But legislation recently passed in our House and Senate has some wondering if Oklahoma might also become the “dead horse capital of the world.”

Senate Bill 375 would revoke the 1963 law banning the sale of horse meat while House Bill 1999 seeks to legalize horse slaughterhouses.

“We have an overpopulation of horses that have come to their end use and [need to] have a humane discussion about what we’re going to do,” said Rep. Skye McNiel, R-Bristow, author of HB 1999.

She contends that horses are being abandoned to starve in rural areas and that horse owners would benefit from the slaughterhouses since domestic plants were shut down in 2006.

Opponents fear that the meat from slaughtered horses will be sold for consumption.

“Let me get this straight now:

We’re going to take horses and grind them up and eat them?” asked Rep. David Dank, R-Oklahoma City, the only House member to debate against the bill.

sir,” McNiel replied. “We’re going to take horses and process them and
send them to a market that wants them, which can be overseas.”

nothing else, we suspect the bill finally might add weight to that old
saying about “being so hungry I could eat a horse.” Oh, yeah, smart guy?
Well, have at it.

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