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Yes, yes! Oh, baby, yes!



Finally! A national ranking Oklahoma City can be proud of. Toss aside those lists of obesity and teenage smoking. A new study should make Oklahoma City climax with glee.

According to the October issue of Men's Health magazine, Oklahoma City took the No. 8 spot on the list of America's 100 most sexually active cities. Cue Meg Ryan: Yes, yes, yes! This is definitely news to grab the end of the bedpost and scream to the high heavens. A top 10 ranking worthy of the city's respect.

The list, appropriately titled "Hotbeds of Sex," used a highly sophisticated method for determining the rankings. The survey based its findings on condom sales, sex toy sales, birthrates and rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as determined by state health departments.

Each of the categories was broken down into its own rankings. Oklahoma City came in 10th in birth rates, 20th in STD rates and 34th in condom sales to form a combined overall ranking of No. 8. We're surprised they didn't check number of broken bed repairs. Of course, that might have been skewed with the obesity rate.

Could the high sex ranking be the result of the mayor's push to put the city on a diet? As we all know, a romp under the sheets is one of the best forms of exercise.

So here's to you, sex-crazed Oklahoma City. Keep pushin' the cushion.

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