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You may Lip the bride



Talk about a “Race
for the Prize”: When The Flaming Lips perform their annual “New Year’s
Eve Freakout” on Friday downtown, it will be a most memorable night for
one couple. Texan Sandy Bates Bell says she and her fiancée will be
married onstage.

After participating in Oklahoma Gazette’s Ghouls
Gone Wild Halloween parade this past October, the couple was engaged
that night and got head Lip Wayne Coyne to agree to perform their
wedding proclamation, right after the fabled stroke of midnight and
before the Lips re-create their “Soft Bulletin” album in its entirety.
An ordained minister will make it official.

“We love that because our wedding date will be officially 1/1/11 — easy to remember and very lucky,” Bell said.

couple will wear illuminated cowboy/cowgirl outfits, decked out in more
than 300 LED red and green flashing stars. Something tells CFN that’s
the kind of fashion Coyne can get behind.

“My veil is also illuminated and even my bouquet is all fiber-optic-illuminated flowers,” Bell said.

CFN extends its congrats to the happy couple, and wishes them something “Embryonic” in the next few years.

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