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You Might As Well Live



And now for the funniest movie you've never heard of this year, "You Might As Well Live." Granted, we Americans tend to choose our comedies based on brand names and recognizable faces, but give this one a try anyway. If you haven't laughed at least a few times in its first five minutes, it wasn't meant to be.

Me? I had a ball.

Co-screenwriter Josh Peace (recently seen in "Devil" and "Survival of the Dead") is this film's lovable loser, Robert Mutt. As "Might" opens, he's so beaten down by life that he attempts suicide. But he can't even do that right. Two years later, he's living the high life as a record breaker "? from playing air hockey to eating hot dogs "? but within the confines of a mental institution. He's so damned happy there that ... well, that they call him cured and kick him to the curb.

Immediately, Mutt finds himself perpetually picked on and in one can't-win situation after another, starting with being wrongly tagged as quite the connoisseur of child pornography. His attempts to find gainful employment lead him only to a gig as a drug mule, at which he fails miserably, of course.

If only he could find a girlfriend and an honest hourly wage, Robert Mutt might not be the dweeb everyone says he is, as they laugh at his face and try to castrate him chemically.

Naturally, Mutt is that dweeb, which is the point. Naive in the ways of the world, he stumbles through a string of awkward, embarrassing encounters, most of which made me laugh out loud ... even when I knew I shouldn't, as the movie lobs several un-PC punch lines at the expense of the homeless and the invalid.

But really, the ultimate target is Mutt himself, and Peace uglies himself up and dives into the role with a commitment on the level of Sacha Baron Cohen in "Borat." With his man-child personality, stunted innocence and virgin behavior, Peace's Mutt reminded of the delightfully immature and ill-informed characters of Will Ferrell, only set in Canada. Prepare to make mental notes of infinitely quotable lines.

You might as well watch. "?Rod Lott


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