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Just today, in fact, the city commandeered the front page of USA Today, earning praise for its urban renaissance and active effort to keep millennials from up and moving elsewhere.

That’s right, baby boomers, there’s a new generation to fawn over. The millennials are the 20-something generation, or what a recent Gawker story referred to as people in their “most annoying life years.”

Regardless, there's a whole crop of ’em, even bigger than the ever-popular boomers.

And they dig city life. According to USA Today, peak age for urban living is 25 to 27. By age 41, nearly a quarter have moved to the ’burbs. With that in mind, a number of cities are taking heed and working to keep their millennials in blossoming urban meccas.

USA Today reports that OKC tops that list alongside the likes of Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Denver.

"There is tremendous demand, and the demand is from those highly educated 20-somethings who want that urban environment," Cornett told the newspaper.

The story notes that OKC has risen to the challenge by way of a planned 70-acre downtown park, a downtown grocery store (Native Roots) and an emphasis on bike-friendly transit options.

Will such plums be enough to overlook antiquated liquor laws, homophobia and periodic legislation that reads as if the year is 1952? Only time will tell, but, for the most part, we think you're doin' fine, Oklahoma City. Keep up the good work.

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