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Young band For the Atlantic part of four-band Bricktown bill



The six members of the impossibly catchy metro rock band For the Atlantic range in age from 16 to 20, and despite having formed just months ago, seem primed with urgently addictive songs and instant appeal.

 For the Atlantic will take the stage Saturday night at the Bricktown Ballroom, opening for:

Warped Tour veterans My American Heart, Florida rockers Mayday Parade and Springfield, Ill.-based pop-rock act The Graduate.

 The band recently finished recording its first album, a yet-to-be-titled six-song EP recorded in Missouri, said guitar player Justin Forari.

At 20, Forari is the oldest member of the group. He recently decided to put off college studies while he worked with the band. He described his collegiate pause as "taking a step back," but said it was a decision that he hesitates to say his parents were excited about.

"It's the same old story, man," he said, laughing. "They have been really supportive "¦ as long I end up going back."

The other three bands playing Saturday's show have each amassed an impressive collection of gigs at celebrated venues throughout the country, and all boast a voracious cyber-following of armies largely led by swoopy-haired music fans and MySpace maniacs whose bulletins celebrate support for their lyrics and live shows. "Joe Wertz

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