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Young Liars #1




One can't be sure exactly where writer/artist David Lapham ("Stray Bullets," "Silverfish") is going with his latest creation, "Young Liars," but teases you just enough that'll you want to see.

Coming with a suggested sound track, the story kicks off via the POV of a 21-year-old would-be rock guitarist named Danny, who's head-over-heels for Sadie, a real wild child with not much of a moral "on/off" switch, thanks to the bullet lodged in her brain.

Wandering in and out of this single's night story are a cross-dresser, a bulimic former fashion model, a nervous mooch and a most unusual wealthy family of freaks. So how do they all fit together? And how did the slug get in Sadie's head?

Good questions, but Lapham leaves them unanswered. It's kind of like watching only the first scene of "Pulp Fiction:" You can tell it's hip, you can tell your guide is gifted, but seriously, what's the destination? Lapham's one of the more gifted young Turks of graphic fiction today, so we'll just have to trust him.

"?Rod Lott

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